We provide Software Solutions accross many sectors. Some of our ready to go Solutions include:

Sacco Management Solution

Our Sacco Management Solution ensures that your Sacco is favourably served no matter its Size. Whether it has FOSA or not, a matatu Sacco or a teachers sacco, we are sure that our solution has got you sorted. Some of its modules include:

  1. Member Management
  2. Loans Management
  3. Funds Management
  4. Fleet Management
  5. Sacco Agency
  6. Mobile app and Web portal
  7. Integration to Mpesa and SMS

Cargo Management Solution

Customized to fit the unique requirements of the Kenyan Cargo and Parcel Management sector, our cargo management solution leaves little space for enhancements. It is built to adapt to Courier companies serving customers all accross the country with visibility from the head office.
Some of its features include:

  1. Integration to SMS to let customers know of their parcel status
  2. Barcode reading and printing for ease of entry
  3. Integration to Mpesa for automated receipting
  4. Fleet Management
  5. Last mile delivery customization

HR & Payroll

We boast in having the most progressive HR & Payroll Solution in the industry. Our Payroll solution is able to handle both Monthly Salaried Employees, Daily wage employees as well as piece rate employees. Tried and tested with tens of thousands every month, this solution is a must have for your company.
Some of the out standing features include:

  1. Integration to our customized time attendance device with realtime data
  2. Integration to Mpesa and banks for disbursement of salaries
  3. Email as well as SMS payslips
  4. Calculation of wages based on time in and time out
  5. Ability to handle employees paid per amount of work done. (piece rate)

Agent Trading

We customized our KUZA ERP solution to handle clients whose customers are spread all over the country as well as those clients who supply their merchadise to retailers. This allows the employees to carry a version of the ERP using our customized handheld PDQ devices.
Some of its outstanding features include:

  1. The device comes with an inbuilt printer
  2. Retailers can take goods on credit and later pay via mpesa respecting credit limits
  3. Retailers can sell even in areas with no network coverage
  4. The device auto syncs the day's sales

Real Estate management Solution

Whether your business specializes in selling land, managing rentals or both, we have a solution ready for you.
For rental management, Our System goes the extra mile by:

  1. Automating creation of monthly invoices
  2. Automating receipting by integration to MPesa and banks
  3. Easy to read reports and an easy to use interface

Th properties module is able to:
  1. Allow for purchase, sub-divison and selling of plots
  2. Integrate to google maps
  3. Integrate to Pay-pal, credit cards and mpesa for automated payments
  4. Allow customers to generate their reports

Gas Solution

If you deal in LPG gas production and selling, we have just the ready solution for you. Our solution is able to:

  1. Help you manage the cylinders manufacturing process
  2. Help you manage the GAS refill process
  3. Distribute the Gas among your many outlets
  4. Use the Agency Trading module to sell to retailers and customers


Whether with our systems or other systems, we are always ready to connect systems. We have experience and expertise in:

  1. Mpesa Integrations
  2. Banks Integrations (Equity Bank, KCB Bank, Co-op Bank) and willing to add the rest
  3. IPRS - Integrated Population Registration Services
  4. Credit and Debit cards integrations (Visa, Mastercard etc)
  5. Paypal

Bulk SMS

Want to reach thousands of people on a single click? Let us create a bulk SMS account for you and you are ready to go.

Custom Systems

We are always looking to add to our large portfolio. Please contact us to make any other system at an affordable rate, yet delivering on your expectations