Services & Support

In addition to providing Systems, we offer other services to our customers and customers to be to help them make the best out of the solutions we provide, assit in making the "to shift" decision as well as appreciate the other solutions that we provide.

24 Hour Reliable Support

We are always available to get our clients out of any technical fix that they may find themselves in or answer any question they may have. This we achieve either via onsite or online support.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV support and Enhancements

We use our vast experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to support clients who are already on the platform. In addition to these, we also do enhancements, integrations as well information portal connected to Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

Project Planning

The success of any software project depends on its planning as much as it does on the implementation. Let us handle the project planning for you for the best results

Fit Gap Analysis

For already running business, whether they have a system or are totally manual, we conduct this Analysis before we embark on any Project. This will help us identify gaps between how you do your business and how our systems proposes to handle your business. The result? A system that perfectly fits into your processes.

Business Automation Roadmap

Let us help you appreciate how your business stands to gain from automation. Not only this, let us show you how it can be achieved.

Data Migration and validation

Data migration from legacy systems or from manual records mostly involves thousands at times millions of records, but with our APIs, we shall handle this seamlessly into any system and do validations as per your business rules assuaring you of data accuracy and speed of execution.


We empower the system users with vital information that they will need in running our systems. This we do in friendly tones never tiring to clarifying any points that have not hit home. We also do training to new staff hired within the company to make your change of staff as seamless as possible.

Post Go Live Hand Holding

When that time to start using your state of art new system comes, we are always on site to make sure that any fear that the users may have is settled. We stay with your users untill we are sure that the users are completely conversant with the system thus avoiding many errors.

Post Go Live enhancements

Many users will identify new areas that the system can be of help after getting to use the system for some time. But guess what, we shall be ready to carry these enhancements for you

Automation of repetitive tasks

Unlike humans, computers never tire from doing one thing over and over again. So, let us automate that repetitive task for you. Whether its thanking your customers for trusting in you, or acknowledging receipt of monies or any other repetitive task, let our systems handle it for you.

Quality Assurance

Is your system upto standard? Is it what was advertised and / or promised? Does it comform to the latest technologies? Is it Secure? Can it handle as many request as possible per minute? We shall always check on these before we deliver the systems to you.